Saturday, March 17, 2007


Hi, my name is Harvard. I've been offline for 4 weeks now.

How the hell can this be a first world country when it takes more than 3 weeks to set up a telephone line?
Not 300, not 200 but ONE line. ONE!
What sort of real estate agent doesn't keep a spare key for the tenant's apartment? How can we have water and electricity without an account?

Sitting here in this internet cafe in Chinatown makes me feel damn scared. It's like trespassing a completely different dimension. People are so serious about killing each other digitally. The guy next to me just had his base wiped out by a stealth nuclear bomber. And actually most of them are older than me.

For the past week I've been so frustrated without internet. So I made my way here, checked my mail, and then I sat there and thought: now what? What's the big deal? I now realise messenger, blogging, friendster and stuff aren't essential to our lives at all.

But then we are all so addicted. I wonder if they really do have a rehab centre for internet addiction, you know, having people dying in Korea etc. You think they hug verbally after each session? Ok guys, ({) to you too. Oh, and before I forget: