Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Thank you little triangle

X and I were on our way to get my new glasses after getting his documents certified at IDP Subang.
While I was verbally abusing the college students (in the car with the windows shut, of course), his mom called.
Apparently his sister's almost-like-a-son dog, Sparky went missing. He crawled through a small hole of the wired gate, biting a man distributing junk mail, and ran away like well, like a dog that had bitten someone. I actually feel sorry for the man.
We drove back to Damansara and started looking around the area. Luckily a Cendol guy said he saw the dog dashing somewhere, minimising our search area.
It's very interesting to realise that when you look really hard, you can find a lot of cats and dogs around an area.
Or how when you're desperate, your eyes will automatically form a dog shape out of newspapers and plastic bags.
Anyhow, we found him 2 hours later in the rain.
One malay motorist slowed down and asked us if we're looking for something because we had the hazard signal on.
He brought us to the pooch.
And there Sparky was, dirt covered, sniffing around, probably trying to chew on some grass before realising he wasn't a cow.
When we got him on the car he was excited in a 'what's going on? why are you so happy? I want in!' sort of way.
But yea, when we returned home with the gates opening, we felt like the returning crew from Michael Bay's 'Armageddon'.
Sparky's mom and dad and grandmom thanked god and asked for all their relatives to pray for his safety prior to that.
Actually, my mind sorta gave up like, 2 minutes before the motorist stopped and gave us a rescuing stare.
For me, it's just amazing how a motorist can sense danger just by observing a dirty dog and a car with hazard signal on.
That'd be cool as a movie: Signalman. Fear not when you're in trouble, press that button and here comes Signalman!
'Excuse me, are you in a heavy rain?'
'Hello, do you have a flat tire?'
'Don't worry, you pressed it by mistake.'
Either way, poochie recovered. Mission accomplished. And yea, I got my new pair of glasses eventually.