Friday, March 09, 2007

Visit Malaysia 07

Man: Oh, your last name is... Suzuki?
Girl: Yes, yes. Suzuki desu.
Man: So, your father is the boss of Suzuki motor? Vroom vroom... Eh? Suzuki yah? Vroom. Good motors...
Girl: .......

For the love of my life, I'd never expect to actually be there for this sort of conversation. It's something I'd joke and laugh about.
20 years ago when we're importing motorcycles, maybe. 10 years ago people might've not seen real Japs, yea understandable. 5 years ago, can close one eye still.
But definitely not a day ago, in 200fucking7, from a label artist in Pasar Seni, the cultural market which is only a main tourist spot.
Or well, maybe we're also trying to be cute.