Tuesday, March 27, 2007

WTF is Jolimont?

Ok, all this while I've seen or read reports about Melbourne trains not being punctual and disorganised and perversive etc.
And I've been thinking 'mmeh'.
Until I had to loop around the city loop twice today I started to feel the 'big deal' of trains not being punctual and all.
Come to think of it, Connex must be earning shit loads. See, Australia doesn't have as many people as Malaysia.
And I'm sure Melbourne is not even close to being as big as KL. And KL is doing alright with its KTM and LRT and what not.
Yet Malaysians are not paying 6 dollars for a daily ticket or even 99 dollars for a monthly. So we are getting by with public transport as it is. Well then again, maybe the government is just taxing the shit out of automobiles, viagra pills and BBQ pork.
Anyway I fucking hate Connex. For a week now I still haven't arrived work on time, as in before 9am.