Sunday, April 29, 2007

Did you get ANIF'd?

Farted during the 37th bar, someone has.

It's like something a friend of mine told me: He went to watch Star Wars II, which Yoda was in action for the first time.
And then in the cinema, when Yoda was fighting Count Dooku, the audience started cheering: Go Yoda! Go!
In the case of Eminence's A Night in Fantasia, well, it's not really the same, but it gave me the same chill behind the spine.
As you can probably guess, the audience of a Japanese Anime and gaming musical concert would be mainly, yellow.
I could've died on the spot suffocating from the geekiness that Hamer Hall harnessed during ANIF 07.
I bet 80% of them could quote the airship number of ANY Gundam cartoon series. The other 20% were their girlfriends, still figuring out whether to dump them or stay on for the money.
I've been their designer(?) and photographer(?) for 2 years now, this is actually the first concert I've attended.
People aways ignore the photographer, which is a good thing. I got to chat with some VERY disgruntled Melbourne staff member.
And eavesdrop over a couple the Sydney staff boasting how many girls they're dating, (obviously not realising I was there, or maybe that was the point) which I simply can't find the relevance with attending a concert. The concert must've turned them on.
I didn't stay for the composer autographing session. Walked out as soon as I could, which is good, because I got to have a nice chat with the flutist. Is that what you call the flute player, a flutist?