Sunday, April 15, 2007


When brands surrender to consumer buying power.

I do feel sad.
Not that I'm an avid Nike fan, just that it's a part of the city's identity that's been implanted into my mind for the past 5 years.
Besides, having a Nike at the corner of Bourke/Swanston is definitely much presentable than having a Telstra.
I've never bought anything from Nike Melbourne come to think of it. Maybe just some of the yellow wrist bands to support testicular cancer at $3 each. What? That's still like 0.0004% contribution to their $7.2 million rent ok? You just need to sell another 1.8 million wrist bands, what's so difficult about that?
The sentimental part of me says: Aww.
The anti superbrand part of me says: Ha!
Meanwhile, Phil Knight says: What? How can you call an orgy 'orgy' when the Victoria Secret models aren't coming??!