Sunday, June 17, 2007

Red label with Chivas

It's been a while since I had too much to drink.
To be precise it's more like the feeling of having burning cheeks, beating lungs, and possibly running nose.
Anyway, that wasn't the point. It's more about the dream I had yesterday when I had too much to drink.
To be precise it wasn't a dream.
It was more of a flashback from 2004.

Everyone was on their way to a fire evacuation session, and this girl caught up with me. Bear in mind it's been a while since we've spoken properly. She had her hands around my arms without permission, and said something like: 'Why haven't you spoken to me for a long time?' 'Because you are a slut' was on my mind but then I replied, 'Well, I guess we've both been busy. Besides, you've got other guys to talk to.'
'But I still need affection,' replied the girl.
'Well I'm sure you won't find any affection here.' I walked off.

I woke up in shock, not because it was a dream, but because it wasn't and I actually said those words.
I've always thought that I'm doing a good job not being reckless with other people's hearts. I guess that was an exception.
Why it came back to me when I had alcohol in my system, I guess I'll never find out until I get tipsy again.