Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The bold and the beautiful.

Photographed by Karin Catt.

The State Library is having an exhibition of Australia-born photographer Karin Catt, entitled 'Famous'.
The whole Keith Murdoch room will be filled with celebrity portraits until early November. It's probably the closest Melbourne will ever get to having something like the National Portrait Gallery in London. And it's free, people.
I enjoyed it. But I'm not sure if my curiosity was struck by the fame of the stars and not by the portraits themselves.
Would it be interesting if they're just normal people?
Maybe. Maybe the place affected my 'chi' as I remember the State Library being the rendezvous point of my ex and the guy she left me for.
But definitely give it a go. You can impress tourists by walking into the library, pretending you're some intellectual fart.