Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Life after graduation.

X and I were reading through our chat history (yes, geeks do that), and this is how I've been ending our conversations since June:

25/6 09.28pm i feel like sleeping
25/6 09.34pm maybe go sleep....... haha.....
28/6 11:23pm i need to sleep
28/6 11:36pm no need sleep liao
28/6 11:37pm which means i should sleep soon
28/6 11:44pm k i need to sleep
03/7 09.44pm sigh... should sleep
15/7 10:36pm aih... i'm goin to sleep la
25/7 11:13pm should.. sleep..
25/7 11:22pm i go prepare sleep bah
25/7 11:36pm i go sleep
31/7 09.05pm sleep is good
06/8 12:34pm i gotta sleep