Sunday, August 05, 2007

Winter Masterpiece.

Wait till you see the mother.

Finally got around to Federation Square for the Pixar exhibition. Although it was a Saturday morning, it's still pretty crowded, with CHILDREN, argh! I'd never want to imagine how it's like on a Sunday.
To be shallowly frank, I prefer this to the Guggenheim at the NGV. Well, cartoons are more graphical, and publicly accessible than modern art to start with. And you know you're dealing with the pinnacle of design with Pixar.
The best part is definitely the 'Zoetrope' room where they display a giant turntable with 3D models around it. Then, with the aid of strobe lighting, you'd actually see a real life animation when the table spins at a high speed.
It's 'borrowed' from the Ghibli Studio Museum in Japan, created originally by Toshio Iwai. So it's something like this:

Photo from

Now imagine Woody and Buzz Lightyear jumping around and riding wooden horses. The Zoetrope itself is worth the admission fare of $15.
$10 if you're a filthy, filthy student.
The exhibition's divided into 3 categories: Characters, World, Story. Each section has its own in-depth explanation of all the animated feature film Pixar has done so far. I'm definitely going back again for the audio tour, just to feel more untalented and insignificant to the John Lasseter group.