Sunday, September 09, 2007

Reasons to become a fare evader.

I've concluded today that tram inspectors are the lowest form that a single human being can choose to be.
And I will no longer sympathize them for being feared and loathed like dentists but with really, really crap pay and respect.
In fact, I wasn't even the one getting fined.
They just refused to believe my friend was from Port Douglas and claimed, word to word, 'don't try to BS your way through'.
His effort to explain translated to 'you're resisting to comply and we have to place you under arrest'.
And in the end he didn't even fucking know that Port Douglas is in Queensland. And their highly super efficient connection with Telstra couldn't even confirm that my friend's phone number is registered under his name. Yea, what a first world fucking country this is.
I'm not angry about the fine. Fuck, my friend's moving out of Port Douglas in a month and he's not even going to receive anything.
We are plainly pissed at the lack of respect and the 'guilty even proven innocent' policy of the Yarra Tram officers.
It's alright I guess. It must have been tough being molested and gagged by your own father since youth.