Monday, September 03, 2007

TV on speed and ice.

Hello Dave, I'm back and I'm hot.

Philips has launched their new Aurea Television, which, from my brief understanding of the website, emits colourful 'Ambilight' on its frame to suit the TV content's colour mode. Totally redundant, but cool.
And to amplify that, they've got Wong Kar Wai to direct a short feature film 'There's Only One Sun' on the website as well.
So this is his second feature film after the BMW 'The Follow'. It will be hailed as a colourful, breath taking masterpiece, but I didn't really like it.
Too '2046' if you know what I mean. They even used the same soundtrack. And the French (or was it Greek?) just screams Godard constantly.
Although you won't really understand the film at all, there's a cool Aurea soundtrack to download from the website.
Will it sell a lot of TVs? Let's hope so for Philips.