Monday, October 29, 2007

Happiness is alive.

So I was on a cab to work at 8am this morning.
The cab driver was typical (Indian), and he had to look through the Melway for direction. That I could cope with. It happens.
Eventually we were cruising along Victoria street towards Richmond. It's a pretty straight and long stretch. That I understand.

Until suddenly, I heard a snore.

My initial thought was that maybe I was falling asleep. But then again my fear told me I was pretty fucking awake.
I look to my right, and my trusty Indian cab driver was really unconscious. I swear, my life was flashing back at that moment.
Until my lips voluntarily formed into a hoop and shouted: HOEY!

The car swerved from left to right. My butt cheek went from loose to tight. And eventually I managed to stay alive.
But seriously, after getting off the cab, I sat down on the curb and had a moment. Then I started laughing.