Monday, October 15, 2007

Like a bite.

Anyone remember Yoko-Yoko? It looks different from the image above because the one I currently possess is blue in colour.
So it's kind of like a heat pack and burns off your muscle fatigue.

So keyword: burn.

I was in my pajamas watching Rove yesterday and my biceps were annoying me due to gym on Friday. So I managed to dig out this old Yoko-Yoko I sneaked in from home. See, I wanted to apply it without taking off my long sleeve sweater. My first option of going in through the sleeves was dismissed because they were too narrow and my arms were just plain fat. So I had to go in through the stomach.
Before the stick managed to reach my biceps, it grazed through my chest.

Chest, which includes my nipple.

What followed after was a series of tears, fear, knocking on tables, panting, wheezing, 'woo - hoo!'s, and a bit of arousal.
The stick found its way to the biceps in the end.