Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Who you gonna call?

The Indian cleaners of the agency come in everyday at 7ish. They're quiet people and they do their jobs. Jobs, such as emptying the recycling bins and normal bins into the same big fucking bins. Jobs like moping the floor and putting stuff into the dishwashers. Jobs such as smelling like an orgy of armpits.

Yes, they leave a trail of BO whenever the come in. If you don't memorise their path and do the limbo, sometimes you pass out and don't remember a single thing.

It's 6.49pm now and the remaining employers in the agency are laughing our heads off. Partly because a girl is trapped in the elevator, mainly because she's trapped with one of the cleaners. And to think today my partner and I were having such difficulty coming up with an idea for 'the unluckiest man on the world'.