Monday, December 17, 2007

You, you, you.

So I was walking around Chinatown when I heard this loud horn, made only possible by a taxi. Before I could make any judgment against the Indians, I realised that it wasn't the driver's fault at all.

A kid almost got hit by jaywalking, and the driver was simply giving an angry warning. That was fine, because kids tend to do that.

What shited me, was the mom. She pulled the kid back, and let him go again after the cab drove past so he could continue his jaywalk.

That was way pass the level of neglection that she should've been executed right there and then. If I try to pull something like that when I was a kid I'm sure I'd get beaten up by my mom like an egg in the process of becoming cake.

No, seriously, this is why kids nowadays are suing schools for being illiterate. Because they aren't educated to take responsibility of their own mistakes. Oh, I nearly got hit by a bus, it's the driver's fault. I failed my exam, fuck the school. I became a prostitute, damn those expensive LV bags for making me want them.