Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I think it says something like 'Do what you have to do and stop getting sucked into applying for another card you don't need'.

This was a job of mine in the airport. Took this picture during xmas on the way to Sydney and completely forgotten about it.
So it's a floor decal sticker, get it? Oh ha ha.
My creative director came up to me today and said 'Looking at your time sheet, you've won the 'busiest person' award.. if such award exists.'

So yea, I've never thought I'd encounter any of these so called 'advertising adventure' stories like in the books. However, I shall share one of my experience or two, as limiting as they can be.

1. We presented 2 ideas with giveaway prizes. The client came back with feed back such as 'Can you use the prize of idea 2 for idea 1. We like idea 1, but just wondering idea 1 can be more than a booklet, something like idea 2...'

2. We have this client, let's call them Richard the Pimp for the moment. The clients are so anal about their name that during all meetings and correspondence we have to refer them as RICHARD THE PIMP, not a word less. If anyone gets caught calling the client just Richard, or Pimp, or simply 'the', the general manager will receive a complain. Rumour has that someone did get fired for calling the client Richard...

3. This is not really an advertising story per se, but I promised myself I'd write about it at some point of my life. Our senior copywriter was complaining about how her ex used to steal her money to buy her flowers. Then the other senior copywriter walked passed and replied 'my ex boyfriend used to give me flowers from the grave. The name tag was still there.'