Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Diary of an insomniac.

Today I had a 'didn't I just say that 3 minutes ago' moment in a meeting. And it dawned on me that I need to give in to the fact that it's really 'who' says stuff rather than 'what' was being said.

I thought about self destructive love on the way to work. Melbourne's like the 2nd most suable place in the whole world. People sue each other for not putting up warning signs, safety violations, miscommunication, defamation etc. But when it comes to relationships, people just take it. You can break my heart into million pieces but don't you post my music on the internet without my permission.

Like domestic violence. People can sue the shit out of a small foam cup, but they're afraid to speak up about their cigarette scars. They can invest on 'he will change' rather than 'oh the guy didn't mean to trip me with his lawn mower'.

And people should invent a sing-a-long microwave. Then I don't have to stare at the digits when my soup is heating up. I could sing a song. Like a karaoke.

Some guy cracked a really tasteless joke just now at the party. While the host was giving away GuyLian chocolates, he said 'haha got GirlBeng's or not?'

I tried to shower for an hour and failed. I do not understand how women do it. After 10 minutes I literally ran out of body parts to wash. Is there some secret shower techniques that only women know of? Do they have like extendable arms or another elbow tucked under the shoulder? I don't know.

24.04.08 04 34am