Sunday, April 27, 2008


So for the past week I've been suffering from slight insomnia.

Dealing with it has been interesting. I gain an extra 4 hours a day. And I don't really feel any different at work.

I've been through probably 10 movies and 5 books over the last 5 days. (ironically one of the movies, Cashback, is about insomnia.)

As if my senses were covered with a layer of bubble wrap, and although everyone is moving faster, I still have time to study their faces and apply a whole family history to them before they step out of the train.

Sometimes my brain doesn't even comprehend what was coming out from my mouth, which lead me to a pleasant chat with 2 random girls on the street and having lunch with one of them the next day. I may have also chat up the girl behind the deli counter of Safeway and now am holding a piece of paper with her address written on it.

It's not like I'm turning into a new Tyler Durdan. Just that the anger that caused the lack of sleep that caused the anger made me not want to care about what I normally do. I know it will go away probably tomorrow. But I'll miss insomniac Harvard. He's much cooler than I am.