Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How far can love stretch?

Dude, that's a cool sweater.

The guy in front row fell asleep during the movie. How'd I know? Because he was snoring, that's how. I thought the lead actor became a ventriloquist, thankfully it's just a tight arse fuckwit who paid money to fall asleep in the cinema.

This is like my first movie since Christmas I think. Setting aside my deprivation and the fact that it bored a guy to sleep, I still find it refreshing.

You can take it as a comedy, or take it as a heart warming drama. But I actually felt sad watching Lars and the Real Girl.

Even with a blow up doll, love and life can still be complicated.
That's probably why the character is so lovable and believable. He didn't create a mail order plastic bride to escape into his own world, he escaped into the real world.

In order to fix things, sometimes you have to tear everything apart.