Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Very lice.

So I was at Adeline's 21st birthday party, and the other host were cracking lame jokes while washing up the dishes.

"Hey Harvard, if a fly loses its wings, do we still call it a fly, or a walk?"

I replied 'flied', which we both laughed, and ended up remembering the past tense of fly is in fact, flew.

I'm starting this book about the poor construction of the human brain and coincidentally it does mention how our memory works within context. The brain also searches for a more frequently visited word by default. For instance, our mind gets a broader and more dynamic visual when we hear 'dog' as opposed to 'platypus' or 'Napoleon'.

In short, I've used and cracked more jokes about 'flied lice' in my life in comparison to using the word 'flew'.