Monday, May 12, 2008

Dirty Monday.

I think having San Churro in QV and Lygon street is a good thing. We can never have too many chocolate shops to increase high blood pressure and cholesterol.
Churro's or whatever, it's fried dough. Deep fried flour dipped in chocolate and I can't believe I paid 8 dollars for that.
I miss my childhood yao cha guai in kopi'o. If I were to look for the same thing here, it'd cost me 10 dollars. 5 dollars for the 'churro', another 5 for the 'espresso'.
Maybe it's because we had Korean dinner before that, maybe chocolate and kim chi don't mix. We just felt sick after the chocolate.
Liked the wallpaper though. Also, Louise excitedly blurted out 'Do you want to see my stockings?' in public. It's not everyday that you get a girl saying that to you.
I came, I saw, I caressed. The stockings were intact to the plastic wrap, and you can buy 2 and get 1 free at Tuck.