Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hour Gobbler.

I wish I could describe my past 2 working days in a more articulate manner, but Luke Sullivan who wrote 'Hey Whipple, squeeze this' had done it flawlessly:

.... " The ones I'm talking about are those meetings that are called because somebody needed something to do. " Background" meetings. Or "touching base" meetings. These aren't called because decisions need to be made. They're just called. And oh how they go on. I was in one of these Hour Gobblers once and I swear time actually stopped. I'm not kidding. Swear to God, as plain as day, the second hand on the wall clock just stopped. No more ticktock. Just ... tick ... and that was it.

It was a particularly useless meeting, 3 hours long. Just when we thought we were going to get out, someone raised his hand and asked a question - the kind of tired, lifeless query I call a "meeting extender." A meeting extender is a question like: "Well, Bob, how do those figures compare with the results from Chicago?" That's when the clock stopped and began to sag like a Dali painting." ...

Happy 1st year anniversary to my working life.