Thursday, June 19, 2008

2 wrongs make a right.

I was suppsoed to write something after I did the scanning at work. I guess I've been lazy. I got 2 questions wrong in the test, hence the title.

Anyway, at the driving centre I managed to observe the bipolar extreme behaviour of Asian youth nowadays:

The first case, a Korean girl was accompanied by her mom. Wait, did I say accompany? What I meant was her mother had her on a leash. She would not move nor talk until a nod was given. After the test she'd sit diligently while the mother patted her head and stroke her hair. After she got her license she shrieked, and the mother then kindly handed her a bank card so she could pay the centre.

The 2nd Taiwanese boy was the complete opposite. He never spoke to the dad that I thought the guy was the driving insepctor to start with. The father was pointed to a corner to stand and wait. When the boy had a phone call he would 'signal' the dad to take his place along the queue. After registration the father accompanied the son into the computer room to make sure the chair and computer was functioning. Even the Shrek-like lady at the counter was going 'what the fuck is going on?'

what is the point of this observation? I couldn't really put a finger on it. But my feeling was disapproval. If I were to choose to have either of them as a child, I'd slit my wrist while jumping off a cliff while stabbing a knife into a toaster.