Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wising sun.

So I got this parcel from Muji about their 3rd design competition. It came with a giant ass poster which I will be hanging on the wall.
But what stroke my interest was the misspelling of the country's name. That became a pass around chuckle in the agency.

The other news about Japan, however, wasn't funny at all. I just found out about the guy who drove a 2 ton truck into Akihabara, launching a one man massacre and killed half a dozen of random bystanders with a knife.

His reason was merely 'I am tired of life and I just wanted to kill people'. In short, his motif was boredom.

As much as the press would question about mental illness and social issues of Japan, I think this is just a glitch in the system. The system of the new found 'freedom' in society. Not just Japan, but the world in general. If we can impose the ideal of freedom on everyday life eg., religion, political rights, bad taste haircuts, who is to say people can't kill for no reason? I'm sure the incest couple featured a couple of months ago felt like they have the right to have a brain damaged child because it's their choice.

Every system comes with its pros and cons. Could these free will incest, killing out of boredom acts be the cons of a free society?