Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hit return if you haven't seen TDK.

Ok, after a few days of cooling down and reclaiming some sort of rationality, some observations about The Dark Knight:

1. The explosion at the beginning, was it necessary?
Because fundamentally, the two clowns just needed to glide to the top of the next building. An explosion would have caused unnecessary attention. Not to mention their own lives. Why not a hammer?

2. Live long enough to become a villain.
Where did he get that suit? Where did he find the time? 'Oh, I'm seeking revenge hence I should find a matching suit to match my face'? Also, he survived an explosion, a car crash but not a 10ft fall? Hmm.

3. Then you'll love me.
Ninja or not, you cannot just appear next to the centre of attention aka the villain and damsel in distress unnoticed. Especially when the villain is facing straight to the girl. On the rooftop yea maybe when the DA was facing the commissioner, but not in Bruce's penthouse. Especially not when you're supposedly shot dead and lying on the floor. People would notice if you're rising from the dead.

4. And here. we. go.
Why is he certain that the ships will only blow up last minute? The chances of the ships getting into chaos and accidentally set off the detonator is much greater than the formation of democracy such as voting.

Yea, these thoughts 'hit' me while I was out shooting with a bunch of bananas. They're pretty open for interpretation, and I'm just being fussy. Not that I have anything against the movie (I've listened to the OST for a week now), just that it's inevitable to think of the strings of events, trying to make a better sense of it.