Friday, July 04, 2008

The scream.

So things were getting a bit stressed out at work.
I was so looking forward to the Wednesday mixed basketball match because:

1. It's been a month since I last played (I never show up for 10pm matches, duh).
2. I have yet to play in our new uniform.

We turned up at court 2 all pumped up. I asked who we were playing against since the last match I heard things got pretty rough.
Turned out that we were playing against the team at the bottom of the ladder. The team that's never won a single match since the season started.
They were really nice people too. Middle age men and women with children watching from the sidelines.
When I thought things couldn't get any worse, they were one player short. So we had to play 5 against 4.
To top things up by 2nd half one of them got fouled out, so 5 against 3. We removed one player to lessen the guilt.

We've won. But I lost.