Sunday, July 20, 2008


I'm not sure if it's because of the timing, but the 10.30am crowd of The Dark Knight yesterday was a tough one to please.
No one laughed, no one applauded. Not even when Joker performed the 'magic trick'. I wasn't sure if they're in awe, in shock, or just plain tired.
But I loved it. I loved the inanimation of the cinema.
I'd chose a dead quiet tight arse cinema over a hyper, costume playing, scout camp queuing 'honey would you get me a choctop' baby crying cinema anyday.
And I still have no idea why everytime Donkey goes 'Let's do that again!' with Shrek in the Hoyts ads, someone will laugh out loud.
Just like how the Joker delivered his 'Why. So. Serious?' line, I feel like going 'What's. So. Funny. About. A. Talking. Donkey. From. A. 3. Year. Old. Movie?'

Having not achieved anything in life, I can actually relate to the Joker. Why so serious? Why all the rules? Why panic when something's not going according to plan? Why plan? Why despair? But of course, there's always a bit of Batman in all of us to stop us from going crazy.

From an acting point of view I don't think it's that difficult to play The Joker. It's much easier to let your emotions flow, than say, pulling a straight face saying 'I'm having serious thought of eating your wife' in a meeting.

Christopher Nolan deserves what ever award he is going to win, just for not giving away 80% of the plot through the trailers.