Tuesday, August 12, 2008

CR aftermath.

I would tell you all the jokes I remembered, but I'm afraid of the 'ahgooligoogoo' effect of Eddie Murphy.
Ok fine. He did mention something like playing a sport without black people is like taking a college entrance exam without Asians. You're just cheating.
I had trouble focusing on the jokes because half of the time I was so star strucked.
It's different from your normal starstruck because normally you just go 'Wow is that him? let's ask him for an autograph. Yay!'
Sunday I was going 'Wow is that him? Oh shit I forgot to laugh. Hahahaha. Wow is that really him? Hahahaha!'
I'm sure he'll have a DVD out at some point and we can all download them. Then I can see some close up shots and angle change.