Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why the 3G iPhone will not win the pencils below.

Maybe it's easier if I put it this way: Why the 3G iPhones suck.

1. The camera. 2mp is a joke, especially from Apple. We're talking about the same company who made the iSight. And all they could come up with is a measly flash-less 2mp camera with no video?

2. The battery. I just realised once the battery life's gone under, you have to go through the same pain as per the iPods.

3. No radio, no recording. I'm still baffled at this I refuse to elaborate.

4. Cheap plastic back covers. This made me feel best about having the old one, because the steel back is durable and doesn't crack.

5. The lack of thought. Basically, they just updated the old phone to 3G, subsidise the low price with point 4 and call it a new phone. If Nokia were to pull the same shit off, people would die.

6. The price. Uhuh I said it. You can trick yourself into thinking 'but the ads say half the price double the speed', but after all the icing on top the phone costs 1k out right. That's bullshit.

7. The premium. It's a Jesus phone that ANYONE can get. This just reveals the greed Apple is striving for. I guess that's when branding comes in. They hope some of the Mac computers' exclusivity would rub off to the phone, but point 5 pisses all over it. Sadly, people are drinking the piss by the gallons.

8. Apps. Well it shouldn't be on the list because the application function is probably the only thing that no other phone company is in smelling distance. Yet the phone crashes if you install too many applications. I don't know. It's like walking into a buffet hall and been told that you can't eat more than 3 plates.

Again, the only reason the phones are selling is the brand. If you were told that a phone from Samsung or Nokia or Motorola consists of the same 8 points above, the phone makers would be cremated at this instant. I started this post with 3 points in mind and the more I write the angrier I get with Apple's decision to take the road to become Microsoft.

*D&AD pencils are like the Oscars of design and advertising(more advertising than design nowadays). Yellow being superbly outstanding and occasionally if the judges jerk off on the spot they award a black pencil. Apple has won 6 blacks over the past 10 years, 2 being the recent iMac and the previous version of iPhone.