Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thoughts with 10 needles in my leg.

2 weeks ago I had no intentions to get poked by needles. I just wanted my knee to feel better. Somehow my physiotherapist's managed to convince me that getting needled is part of the healing process. It started with 3 on my knee last week, and before I know it I had 10 this morning and I was alright with it.

Just like sex.

Girls don't get into relationship thinking about sex. They just want to feel better. They want LOVE. They want the chicken soup for their soul. Somehow, guys managed to convince them that sex is actually part of the LOVE process. It might start under the romantic moonlight in his convertible Mazda M5, and before she knows it they're doing it 10 times in the morning and she's alright with it.

Now I'm just thinking if there's any patient behaving like a typical guy, walking into the clinic thinking: Oh boy oh boy! NEEDLES! NEEDLES! NEEDLES!