Monday, December 15, 2008


Ok so I no longer have internet at my new home and I'm typing this at work just for a quick update some Singaporean bitch screwed us over and Ken lost his beer in the process (very angry) and I didn't end up sleeping yesterday while moving because I'm leaving for Auckland on Wednesday and I need to unpack in order to pack but I guess life has been quite interesting for the last week partly because a huge amount of alcohol was involved during the agency Xmas party and I happen to fall into a vortex of nostalgia while going through photographs which are 5 years old and many friends are graduating which honestly I couldn't care less because today is the last day of work for the year and I can't wait to go home and sleep off this 4 cups of coffee and feel it tomorrow but you won't know it because I won't have internet so until I evolve in terms of technology I will see you in Auckland.