Sunday, January 27, 2008

Celebrating colour.

I've bought this book of Christopher Doyle, titled 'There's a crack in everything'. It contains behind-the-scene photos of the movies he's filmed for the past 20 years, mostly directed by Wong Kar Wai.
All the pages are perforated at the side, so unless you have a blade at hand which I didn't, you'd have to peek between the pages.
Just like how you peek through cracks of a wall.

I think it's a brilliant idea.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Your husband sent me to make you cry.

This is not really an interesting observation but more like a statement of common sense: It's easier to touch people when you put your heart into it.
I've always wanted to produce some work out of pure sincerity or honesty, yet I do not think that will happen anytime soon.
And so far, the only successful attempts were my written letters, which led to tearful occasions, and a relationship.
But I couldn't necessary make a living out of writing letters, could I? Perhaps, I can offer letter writing service to people who're having trouble with honesty?
We never know.


Today was one of those days that made me feel right.
Kenneth, my new flatmate's parents are in town and we went for a routine Yum Cha session in Chinatown.
After lunch I decided to bring them to Laguna in QV since Kenneth's fairly new in town and had not visited an Asian grocery store.

So I rounded up some instant noodles and Pocky's and queued for the counter. The total came up to $5.85.

I pulled out all the coins in my pocket and it contained two $2 coins, a $1 coin, a 50c, a 20c, a 10c and a 5c, which was exactly $5.85
It was just one of those days in life.

Insight joke.

Ok, so there were heaps of hype and argument about Commonwealth giving their account to GS&P America: would Americans understand the Australian culture, the effect of different time zone, things that don't concern the real world etc.
Obviously the ironic postmodern solution was ingenious. Frankly, I'm not sure if it'll appeal to banking consumers in general.
So the Commonwealth marketing team went all the way to the US of A just to establish a tag line? Emotionally speaking, I like it.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The secret of Nanzenji.

Gina's wonderful adventure in Japan.
I hate you, even if you did shit all in this video, because I'm reading gay magazines for work and you're there.. not reading gay magazines and doing shit all.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Sunday I spent on a wedding.

Dude. Sweet.

So it's my first ever wedding that I wasn't forced to attend. I mean, there are always weddings you're OBLIGED to go. Eg., your relatives, family friends, colleagues etc.
This is a wedding that I was just happy to be a part of.
Not that I'm extremely close to the couple. In fact, we've just been bumping into each other during grocery shoppings that I'm still surprised that I was invited.
Their wedding was natural and nothing out of the ordinary.
I want my friends to think that way about my wedding day.
The wedding that's just supposed to happen.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I think it says something like 'Do what you have to do and stop getting sucked into applying for another card you don't need'.

This was a job of mine in the airport. Took this picture during xmas on the way to Sydney and completely forgotten about it.
So it's a floor decal sticker, get it? Oh ha ha.
My creative director came up to me today and said 'Looking at your time sheet, you've won the 'busiest person' award.. if such award exists.'

So yea, I've never thought I'd encounter any of these so called 'advertising adventure' stories like in the books. However, I shall share one of my experience or two, as limiting as they can be.

1. We presented 2 ideas with giveaway prizes. The client came back with feed back such as 'Can you use the prize of idea 2 for idea 1. We like idea 1, but just wondering idea 1 can be more than a booklet, something like idea 2...'

2. We have this client, let's call them Richard the Pimp for the moment. The clients are so anal about their name that during all meetings and correspondence we have to refer them as RICHARD THE PIMP, not a word less. If anyone gets caught calling the client just Richard, or Pimp, or simply 'the', the general manager will receive a complain. Rumour has that someone did get fired for calling the client Richard...

3. This is not really an advertising story per se, but I promised myself I'd write about it at some point of my life. Our senior copywriter was complaining about how her ex used to steal her money to buy her flowers. Then the other senior copywriter walked passed and replied 'my ex boyfriend used to give me flowers from the grave. The name tag was still there.'


Friday, January 11, 2008

My job is to blow.

No, I do not produce soft serves.

Melbourne's going through a low of 30C and high of 42C day. And oh so typically, the air conditioning's not working in the agency.
They've installed these next gen R2D2's to blow out cold air. And oh so typically I've been assigned to look after them and empty the water barrel in the back when they're full. Which, is pretty fun and cool. Good ice breaker.
And check out at the Melbourne weather chart for the past 2 days. If they were stock market chart, all my friend's business parents would've committed suicide by now.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Men shouldn't wear heels.

Women can do whatever they want.

Link via somewhere I couldn't remember.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Health Minister has sex.

But we have to find out in the form of a scandal. Apparently Mr. Chua Soi Lek ( Yea, picture the girl going 'OMG Ah Lek! Ah Lek!) resigned because of a leaked sex tape of him and a personal friend*.

Fortunately, Mr. Chua has seek forgiveness from his wife and three children. Yea, because he's 60 and they're probably just waiting for him to roll over and choke so that they could claim his fortune. I mean, come on, apologise and seek forgiveness? That's it?

Saying 'Oh, I ran over a man, but his family's forgiven me' does not excuse one person from murder. You have to fucking consider the reason of running over the man: DUI? Stupidity? Ignorance? Homicide?

I glee upon this news as the quality of our government becomes transparent, yet at the same time, I can't believe this guy is having sex! He's 60! Life is unfair.

It's good that for once the politician didn't lie. And I know, he promoted the campaign that gives out free condoms to reduce the spread of HIV (I bet it doesn't sound as noble now), but he's no Bill Clinton.

Then again, it's just a great way to cause grief to UMNO for the upcoming election. But I think CCTV'ing some people having sex in private is just a desperate low blow. What do you expect the man to do? (Meanwhile, UMNO's emergency meeting within the ministers: So should we do it in the woods next time? Or just rent a ski mask? Let's do both to be safe.)

I think Mr. Chua has done the right thing, maybe just the wrong person.

*As opposed to an 'impersonal' friend?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


So on new year's eve, I was busy settling myself back into Melbourne. Having flown from Sydney and arrived at the airport at 11pm.
Of course, not to mention getting used to the idea that holidays are over and I need to fucking go back to work tomorrow.
I never realised public transport was free on new year's eve. I also never realised that the Southern Cross Station is pretty cool.
One of the difficult things in life is to make familiar things unfamiliar. If we pay enough attention, we'd notice things we take for granted.
I want to feel less bored in 2008, so resolution No.1: try to see things from a new/fresh perspective.

Food of Sydney.

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.
- Luciano Pavarotti and William Wright, Pavarotti, My Own Story.