Friday, February 29, 2008


Really liked these 2 print ads.
Not sure if my taste is deteriorating or they're just plain simple. The first one's done by DDB Stockholm and the latter Naga DDB Malaysia.

Like the ads from America and Thailand, there's something about the casting from the Malaysian ad that made me chuckle.
I'm thinking if Australia were to execute the same idea, it'd probably be some bogan off the street with a blown paper bag instead of a fat Bangla cymbal player. Even if they do find a cymbal player, I doubt a fat aussie would be half as funny as the Bangla.
Unless Australia is willing to open up to more foreign faces in their ads (and I'm not talking just banking, migration or some ridiculous stereotypical ads), the industry will never share the same dynamic as America, in this case, even Malaysia.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


My sister sent me a chain letter.
Although it was your round the mill ' cherish what you have ' kind of mail, I did like the end message.

If you don't send this, nothing will happen. But if you do, someone will smile.

A major BS, but the fact that it didn't curse my whole family to death by not sending it made me feel like sending it.

Which, of course, I didn't.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Yang of Harvardhism.

Oh wow, I've just found a blog that's completely opposite from mine.
Oddly enought, its name is LOVE.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Most poison women heart.

More 'questionable' sportsmanship from China. Just that this time, it's the women's soccer. The video is pretty self explanatory, but in a nutshell: China did naughty thing just to secure a victory.

In comparison, you can tell that the women were smarter and manipulative. The men can do as much kung fu kicking as they want but they're still losers.

I've read from somewhere that men always thought that when they're kids, girls just stood there and did nothing while watching boys played sports. That's so wrong; they were talking. To each other. And that's why they're so fucking good at it now.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My thoughts on the US election.

Hillary Clinton = Christopher Walken.

Friday, February 22, 2008

That makes total sense.

And while we're on the topic of the Chinese, I came across this YouTube video of a soccer match between China and Japan in the EAFF cup, whatever that means.
I guess China's not really into fix their relationship with Japan? The ironic part was the commentator saying that the Chinese spectators weren't as hostile as usual. (They burnt ONLY a flag this time)
You can key in 'Japan China dirty kung fu football' and you'll probably get a handful of videos regarding the whole match.
It's like the part in Shaolin Soccer when the team was playing against the guys with wrenches. But well, Japan won the match; China had fun giving a beating. Everyone's happy I guess?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Old habits die hard.

Title: Field guide to the North American bird. Picture from fwis.

While we're on the subject of books, I have noticed that the design of book covers nowadays are doing much better than their content.
Many times I get attracted by a book cover, only to slide the book back to the shelf before hitting the ground out of disgust.
Not judging a book by its cover can be difficult. In fact, it's impossible when there are websites dedicated purely for its design.
One thing I do notice, is that Chinese book covers suck. Chinese would be more literate if their book covers weren't that hideous.
But in a way, that's probably what we're used to.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Burn baby burn.

I overheard a conversation between two seniors.
It was about this online 40% discount voucher from Borders circling around the agency. They said that Borders will lose money because the vouchers are photocopy-able.

I had mixed feelings listening to the conversation whilst pretending to work hard typing on the computer.

First of all, how in the world did they come up with the conclusion that Borders will lose money? By giving out online vouchers they're luring people who didn't plan to read books (online people) to BUY books (offline people).

Most of the agency people didn't even think of buying a book until they realised the money they could save out of 40%. So over the weekend, Border's got at least 100 people walking in paying at least 12 dollars each, assuming a book costs $20.

That's $1,200 just for sending out an email.

On the other hand, I felt relieved that such naiveness exists even among senior managers in an advertising firm. Consumers aren't all that cynical and hopefully my stupid gimmicks still work in the future.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

When too little is too expensive.

Designer's mineral water. I mean, WTF? MINERAL WATER?

Born at a depth of 600 meters below the Fuji volcanic belt in Japan, Finé is a powerhouse of Silica, with 81.5 milligrams per liter. Water connoisseurs and health devotees specifically seek out the few drinkable volcanic waters of the world for their Silica content - but what separates Finé from the others is its gorgeous pH of 7.8. Most volcanic waters come with a much lower (more acidic) pH. Moreover, Finé has a Nitrate level of only .3 milligrams per liter - among the lowest in the world.

And what does it do? Let's see: Hmm. Water. Keeps us hydrated. The same with tap water.

Next thing you know, we'll be having designer's air. $50 a sniff. Wait, that's marijuana. Someone needs to combine these two and tap into the niche market.

We separate class and social status with cars, watches, clothes, furnitures. Now we've got water to add. That's fucking disgusting.

Link via Jean Snow

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lego Batman.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

My first boss.

' You're very talented, Harvard. Don't ever forget that.'

Paula said that to me when I bid her farewell at her goodbye party yesterday.
I think that was the best compliment I coulld ever get.
She's going to Sydney to lead the direct and digital department of DDB. Hopefully I haven't lost any of my 'talent' when I knock on her door in the future.

The bitch from last week.

Ok so it's a 'he'. Mmeh. Some dog was barking for the whole of last weekend. It's kinda sorted now. Just to show you how our apartment tenants are getting along together....

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Nightmare of the week.

Next time read before you swallow.

Creative work of the week.

Ben and I had some fun making the invitation to his party.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

10 Sci-Fi Techs we could build if they weren't so damn expensive.

Who cares about the other 9?
Just tell me how I can build my own Mobile Suite Gundam!!

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Once and for all.

All the definitions of some roasted beans with water and milk.

Link via Will Work For Food.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


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The time has come for a documentary of a font.

Although it is completely understandable given that there are weirder documentaries being made by the minute, this is still a perfect masturbatory tool for the design community. It does not strike any interest from the copywriters at work, or say, my parents. Or anyone else that I tried to share the excitement with.
In fact, according to the director's blog, the film had been leaked on google video for 3 days and after a gazillion brazilian views later, 2 people contacted him expressing interest to support the film. 2 people.

The fact that no one cares about the font successfully conveys the message of the film: Helvetica is everywhere, like air.
A normal person will not stop and ponder what and how air is created, unless forced to in chemistry 101.
Designers are like the small group of elite scientist admiring the bond of the molecules. Do they contribute to society? Yes.
Will it get a conscious social acceptance? Maybe a little.

I enjoyed the movie. I love it. I am not trying to deny the popularity of graphic design. Perhaps having a fim about a font already indicates the widespread its ego. Yet when people around me would rather spend time watching America's Top Model than Helvetica, I can't help but to be skeptical.

Maybe it is just typography that is dying. Maybe people think that is not a part of graphic design. Design should be colourful. It should be moving on the screen with special effects. It should be a man with horns with tattoos all over. It should be different photos all chopped up. It should be you in front of a pink silky background looking like a birthday cake from that make up and retouching.

Again, like air, if it gets the job done and prolong our lives, why not?

Friday, February 01, 2008

Keep Tryin'

Photo taken from

After watching Utada Hikaru's United 2006 Concert DVD for the 3rd time, I think I understood something.
She is just a fucking good singer.
Doesn't matter if she's married, then divorced. Doesn't matter if she's gained weight since 10 years ago. Doesn't matter if she's not even dancing.
The concert was just raw power.
I got emotional at some point, because I felt as if I've met an old friend.
I remember most of her songs, although at some point of my uni life I stopped paying attention to her.

I shall not pretend I'm not affected. Maybe, maybe now I can sort of relate to the girls crying at the Beatles concerts in the 60's.

Someone's got to say it.

"If Japan is an infant, China is a wad of cum. A very small number may become successful but millions are going to miss out."

The line above made reading Tohm's PhD thesis-like post about his experience in China worthwhile. It made my day.

Parky did mention the staggering similarities between the now China and pre-WW2 Japan. Goose bumps.

Malaysia is probably a mini China with a hint of shame and self consciousness. At least we're having conflicts with the government.