Friday, January 16, 2009

Open sesame.

I've realised the magic ingredient of Korean Jap Chae(or any Korean dishes so to speak), is their sesame oil.

It has that solid nutty smell like peanut butter, which is absolutely fantastic. It also adds a nice layer of gloss to your dish. You can easily find the Korean sesame oil (and of course, the Dangmyun sweet potato starch noodles) in any Asian grocery stores.

I used a recipe from my sister(who got it from the SBS Food Safari DVD, under Extras), but tweeked it a bit with garlic chives and fish cakes but what the hell, Jap Chae's supposed to mean "mixed vegetables" to start with. Use whatever you want.

Just remember the marinade: soy sauce, sesame oil and sugar with a 2:1:1 ratio. Add a couple spoonfuls of Gochujang red pepper sauce for kicks. Don't let the restaurants rip you off ever again.