Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday with Ian.

Sweet Lovers 1990. via ngv

"... This major exhibition of Rosalie Gascoigne’s work ranges from the boxlike assemblages of her early career through to large scale installations and her creation of master works constructed from Schweppes soft drink crates and retro-reflective road signs. The exhibition investigates the artist’s ability to draw creative inspiration from the discarded; her intrinsic response to her chosen materials, and her unique ability to evocatively convey the essence of nature and the transitory and captivating effects of light, air and space ..."

I walked into the gallery expecting photographs but was thrown off guard by stacks of real life installation ranging from weird dolls to random arrangements of sticks and barrels. I guess the biggest surprise of the day was Rennie Ellis' "No standing only dancing" photography exhibition across the hall:

Cosmetic Salesgirl, Toorak Rd. c. 1973. via

"Photographer Rennie Ellis was renowned for his candid documentary images of contemporary Australian life. He was best known for his photographs of social events, such as music festivals, fashion parades or nightclubs. But his oeuvre also encompassed the grittier side of life. During his career he photographed life on the streets, sometimes showing the darker aspects of society such as his Kings Cross series. Ultimately, Ellis’ vision of the world was celebratory; his photographs in this exhibition document the richness and diversity of contemporary life from the 1970s and 1980s."

Both exhibitions are showing at the NGV Ian Potter Centre in Fed Square with free admission. "No standing only dancing" closes 22nd February while Rosalie Gascoigne's show will go on until mid March. It'd be a real shame to miss.