Saturday, February 07, 2009

We go eat Thaila.

You can learn a lot about a restaurant from the name card. I've got in front of me a blue manilla card cut-out with "Thaila Thai - Royal Thai Cuisine" printed in a scripted brown font. Address and phone number centered, with "B.Y.O." at the lower right hand corner. Obviously the owner couldn't care less about decorations.

And Thaila Thai is just that. It reminds me of a giant hawker store in Thailand. The menus are pretty straight forward: stir fry or curry, you choose the meat. It's a very typical factory mass production style of cooking, but of course it means nothing but fascination for the East Brunwickers along Lygon.

We went conservative and ordered the Pad Thai and Green Curry Chicken. Overall it tasted pretty humble. Compared to the stinging fish sauce and spice of Ying Thai 2, Thaila is more down to earth and you can actually taste the fresh cucumbers of the curry and the crunchy bean sprouts of the Pad Thai.

Portions are big enough to share for two. We paid less than $30.