Saturday, February 07, 2009

Wassup D.O.C.?

The first time I went to D.O.C. was to take away with my brother. I remember them mixing up the orders and the owner actually tried to convince me to take the screwed up order than to make haste with a new one.

Second time round I had the chance to actually feel the 'ambience' with my parents and as my brother the architect predicted, the place has extremely poor sound insulation. That makes it louder than a Yum Cha session. The menus are in Italian and everywhere you turn you see the outline of Italy. Does that shout authenticity? I'm not too sure. I guess I do feel a sense of security when I see the rising sun in a Japanese Restaurant.

Yes the pizzas were great, the base crunchy, the tomato authentic, the spinach sweet, probably one of the best. But is it worth $18 for 4 slices? Is it worth waiting 45 minutes for? Maybe twice a year, when you feel masochistic.