Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reflection III

This is more like a personality test.

I can tell a lot about people when I break the news to them. Their reactions are actually reflections of their own personality. It's their raw emotions if the same thing were to happen to them.

The steady, composed ones will normally go: 'So you have your folio ready? are you already looking for jobs?'
I thank these people. Not only have they assumed that I've gotten over the grief, also that I've picked myself up and are getting along with life. These people are the go-getters. Although insensitive, they will go far.

Few have gone: ' So now you can stop bitching and really do what you want.'
In fact, none have said that. Only one or two had the underlying tone of that sentiment candy wrapped with some compliments before or after. They are either someone close to me, or Buddhist zen monks who always value the big picture.

And the peak of the bell curve: " So how? What are you going to do! OMG what, are you going to dooooooo?"
I mean, panic is normal. But, why are you panicking on my behalf? Seriously, are you really that shocked that someone got laid off during a crisis? It really shows that tragedy is not your forte and I can imagine being parents these people are the ones crying during emergencies rather than dialing 000.

There's also some: "Bastards! Arseholes! You're better off without them!"
These people belong to the League of Justice. I don't know. My uncle once told me swearing does not solve anything, but it does make you feel good. I guess, that was comforting to a certain degree before the bitterness sips in. Nevertheless, these people value fairness in life.

My favourite so far is still: " Come I'll shout you a (enter something comforting)."
They acknowledge your situation is shit. They are letting you handle your own shit. But at the same time trying to make you feel better, in expense of them getting some rewards as well. They are the cunning problem solvers.

Take this guide as a personality test. Rank the reactions from most likely to least likely the first thing you would say to me if we were to catch up. You might learn more about yourself than the crappy facebook tests.