Friday, April 03, 2009

Reflection part I.

Before dozing off on my sister's new couch, (literally, it got delivered yesterday and the smell of leather made me feel like I was spooning a cow) I entered the white zone this afternoon.

Perhaps the reason I am handling this retrenchment pretty well is because I wanted out.

I've always had doubts about how the agency was run. The total non-transparency of management(although we do know about the purhcase of new BMW X3's instantly), hours of brainstorming from the creative department resulting to the ECD presenting his own ideas, constant skid marks and fossils in the toilet etc.

Truth be told I'm a very passive person. If this didn't happened I would probably keep playing the 'oh every agency is the same and I think no one else would want me because I'm not good enough' card. So in a way this incident is not different to the news of an abused wife being told that her husband had been killed in war. It's sad, but at the same time, relieving.

David Lynch refers the white zone as 'the big dive to catch a big fish'. I can't swim. But I'm paddling slowly towards that direction.