Thursday, June 11, 2009


I met up with a friend of mine in Klang 3 weeks ago. We were junior high school mates and managed to catch up after 10 years of absence.

Inevitably we talked about childhood dreams. High school dreams in fact, so it wasn't THAT distance and ridiculous.

Before doing what she ended up doing in an oxcam uni, she aspired to be a pilot.

However, her dad was pessimistic about that career choice since flying aircraft is primarily an all-dicks industry. He went and spoke to the headmaster, and the headmaster sat my friend down, in her late teens and said (I might've been simplifying the advice session a bit too much but that was pretty much what it got boiled down to):

Why do you want to be a pilot? It's just like a taxi driver but you're in the air.

Ok. I'm alright with sitting teens down and trying to explain what you didn't want them to do to fulfill your own screwed up judgement. But, I'm sure there's a nicer way to ruin someone's dream?

Like, shit, why do you want to be a headmaster? It's like a pimp, just that you're selling education and offering blow jobs to get donations to build a library.

I never realised how much this story had affected me until I started counting the times I'm repeating this to my friends. I very much like to have the headmaster to participate in those games in SAW although I've never seen one yet.