Thursday, July 16, 2009


I don't particularly enjoy working with corporate clients. Spare the pain and frustration, let's save that for next time.
But purely from a branding point of view.
They never narrow down their target market; they want to get as many people to buy their product as possible.
Hence the vague taglines ' Oh what a feeling!', ' Determined to be different', 'A little word for a big life', 'More convenient banking', 'Go Harvey Norman Go' etc. simply don't make sense nor display any unique personality.

Coke's been toying with their 'Coke side of life' for a while. I didn't realise it has evolved into 'Open happiness' (which I think also works well with Wonderbra).

It's their latest 'BRRR' campaign that got to me.
I know it's summer for the Northern hemisphere, but couldn't they, the multi gazillion dollar company just spend a little time reworking the campaign for the Southern part of the world?
Melbourne's freezing at the moment and I don't think we want some 'BRRR' in our life. They just don't care, do they?