Tuesday, September 08, 2009

You have internet? I have Internet too! Part 2.

It's not your fault when the girl says no. There's nothing to feel ashamed of. It's all your ego. In fact, it's all your imagination.

Think of it as a business deal, if Microsoft approached Yahoo! for a merger and the negotiation fell apart, and Yahoo! walked away(who later came back, that cock tease), Microsoft had no reason to feel ashamed. Albeit I can imagine the CEO throwing a chair in the board room ' Who do they think they are, we invented Windows!' But strictly speaking from a bystander's perspective, nothing is out of the ordinary. They proposed, they couldn't strike a deal, they walked away.

Don't see it as a rejection, see it as terms not being made. Unless your self esteem is so low, you should realise that she is missing out too. And if you can't see the point of that, then you probably don't deserve such a big ego to start with?

Ego is when we think too highly of ourselves. Well, yes we all need a healthy bit of it from time to time, but I've never seen pride being appreciated. Except of course, during war. I never hear people saying 'oh look at John, he is so proud of himself, good on him!' It's more of a 'Look at that arrogant prick!'

And the reason you feel ashamed when things don't work out with a girl, is that you IMAGINE people talking behind your back. Your deformed wild imagination thinks everyone is laughing at you, making beauty and the beast jokes about you, giggling and kicking in a slumber party. That's a bit self absorbed isn't it? Again, get over your own ego. People do have better things to do, they dwell in their own sorrow, getting drunk in their own wad of egoistic masturbation.

And even if they do make fun of you, that's because they're unhappy and they have low self esteem. Be sure that you're not singled out, there's more behind you in a bitching run. Think gossip magazine, there's like 500 stars in there, all replaced every week. Do you think your mom actually cares about what happened to the stars? No, she just wants to see the unfortunate incidents of beautiful people because she is emotionally unbalanced cleaning up your shit.

So stop being egoistic and self conscious and think the world is constantly paying attention to you. To some extent, maybe a minute or two, tops. Everyone's got their own lives to lead on. You need the sort of ego to know that girls are missing out when they don't give you a chance, not the sort that ridicules yourself when terms can't be agreed.

Microsoft would've lived happily without Yahoo! and vice versa. Be like Microsoft. Be like Yahoo! Curb your ego, tone down your imagination. Stop crying over spilled milk, make cheese, make yogurt.