Thursday, October 22, 2009

Best line: You look like a radioactive tampon.

The only reason I agreed to watch this movie is that I liked the poster design.
The starting plot made my eyes roll: Sam Bell is an astronaut on the moon harvesting helium-3 energy capsule. His only friend is a talking computer(voiced by Kevin Spacey), his three year contract with Lunar Enterprise is ending in 2 weeks and he is starting to hallucinate.
All so cliché plot line, I know, but the movie turned out to be surprisingly intelligent. I won't say original, but it kept me intrigued. There was a point when the projector got split screened, and tohm and I were just wondering if it was intended to be part of the experience.
After this movie and Choke, I really like Sam Rockwell. Oh and he also did Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, didn't he?