Monday, November 02, 2009

Basic courtesy of admiring photography.

I don't know about the others who take photos, the most offensive comment I receive from time to time, is the sort that says 'Hey man, I like your photos. What camera do you use?'
That's the equivalent of saying 'Hey man, your girlfriend is hot. How much did you have to pay to score that ass?'
By doing that you imply that the photographer is useless without his awesome magic mirror. You think you can capture images of the same standard IF ONLY you have the same tool.
Even if it's true, next time try respecting the person behind the camera first.
It's not too difficult to apply some courtesy by asking 'Hey man, I like the picture with the snowman and the dog. I'm just wondering if you could spare me some tips to achieve the same effect?'
You'll receive the same answer. But it leaves a less shitty after taste for people to answer the latter question.