Wednesday, November 18, 2009

He also founded the most creative advertising network in the world.

"In Britain our art schools are, of course, under-funded. They therefore have to take on too many students from abroad with poor skills but rich parents who can afford the higher fees for overseas students, helping the schools' budgets but leaving talented, but impecunious, students without a look-in. ... The only memorable thing about art schools now is how forgettable the students' work invariably is. One has to marvel how much the spirit of confidence in our art schools has been sapped in just a few years. "

Not only in Britain, I'm afraid. And not only art schools, either. The book which I think will eventually mimic Paul Arden's trilogy, is now available in bookstores. (Suggestion for the sequel's title: My name is still Charles Saatchi, and I am still an Artoholic.)