Thursday, December 24, 2009

What are you made of?

Dick, obviously.

This proves my previous joke of 'If a key gets to open a lot of lock, it's a master key; if a lock gets opened by a lot of keys, it's a shitty lock'.

Ok, I'm mighty late on this, but I've always had this conspiracy theory that the Tiger Woods fiasco is just another distraction from world leaders. But I couldn't really pinpoint anything that's significantly important going on, like a war or something. Oh wait, that's still going on? And they sent more troops over? Ok.

Perhaps it was the Copenhagen climate change conference, or the slumping stock market?

Or maybe, the world is just interested in a rich black man screwing a lot of white women. Seriously, am I the only who realized Tiger Woods DOES NOT fancy black woman? If I were to be able to bang more than 5 women, I'd diversify. But this boy's got some serious complex going on.

Rich black men are the new poor Asian women: both looking for white sex.