Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just to give a pulse.

I know it's been 2 weeks. But I really have nothing interesting to say. Well, oh maybe this.
South Park is awesome.
Was watching the South Park movie the other day and realised it's almost been 10 years since it was released.
Still much better than the Simpsons movie. In fact, the Simpsons movie was shit. There I said it. It sucked balls.
So yea, go watch South Park. I recommend season 11.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cold Strawberry.

There's this saying in advertising that no idea is original. It's where you take the idea that counts. I despise creatives when they take something truly meaningful and beautiful, slap on a logo, and sell them to the clients.
If you've seen the new Target ads on TV, or simply the poster ads in Curtin House for the Rooftop Cinema, you'd probably understand what I'm saying. I won't even bother trying to source it and compare it side to side with Coldplay's video here because I'd literally throw up on the spot.
Read the full interview with the film maker Shynola here.

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Sunday, August 09, 2009

You have internet? I have internet too!

Perhaps because I was writing this essay regarding seduction, I've become more receptive to a few relationships that aren't working out.

One problem I could relate to, is how affection follows compatibility. For example, finding out that this person is into the exact same movies, music and books like you are. Suddenly, you see that person in a different light, and you think he or she is different. It's something special. It's love.

Your mind has performed an illegal operation and should be shut down.

That in essence, is no different than me falling for a girl who owns an Apple computer, because I use Apple computers. Or, the girl adores Calvin Klein jeans, I own a pair of Calvin Klein jeans! It's love! It is meant to be!

It is pretty shallow to assume that by sharing the same taste in music or movies will lead to a great relationship because just like fast moving consumer goods, our taste in music, movies, literature is also manufactured and mass produced for profit.

My advice next time is to ask: Oh? You like Wong Kar Wai too? Tell me, WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT HIS WORK? That's actually the vital part in getting to know someone. Not what, but why. And if the answer is not too far away from yours, then maybe. Maybe that person is special.

I'm not trying to make relationship more difficult as it already is. I can hear you saying 'Look man! It's difficult enough to find someone with the same taste. You're saying now that it doesn't mean shit? You're just bitter you fat piece of shit!' Well, no. I'm just saying the attraction shouldn't come purely from movies, books and music. Or food even. It's good to have, it will lubricate the relationship if you do have it. But it's not vital.

Because it's not difficult to log on to music sites, and literature sites or imdb to find out the Top 100 Movies of all time and pretend to be a connoisseur, to show off.

Sometimes I think we're already drawn to that person, just that we are desperate to find a common ground , to make us believe that something special is going on. Honestly, if you were to strike a conversation with a taxi driver, and find out that he's into the same stuff as you are, would you think it's serendipity? Would you long for him to ask you out?

Next up: how to deal with the disappointment when things don't work out although you're into the same music, movies and books.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Monday is Novaday.

The movie is like Spike Jonze meet Mad Men meet Goodfellas, only not as good.

Once you realise it's Captain Jack Sparrows robbing a bank without his costume, like ' Shit, without me Black Pearl I have to lose the beard and me parrot', and Batman catching crime without his cape ' Alfred I'm too far away from the Batcave, this rifle will have to do', the movie became quite entertaining.

They tried too hard for the 'based on a true story' thing and made the movie very disjointed and random characters would run out and die or give a line during a horse race and bugger off and shit. Ironically, the movie altered a lot of actual historical facts. I was like man, if you're not going to follow facts, might as well bring back the pirates and Batarangs.

There's this scene which a woman got bashed up in a police interrogation. Not SLAP 'now speak, honey' but really like 'Hulk Smash' phonebook chucking with the elbow bashing. I was watching it, all intensed and shit, and then some girl in the audience shouted 'That's you, you fucker. That's what you do to me, you asshole!' And the cinema got REALLY awkward. I wasn't watching the movie anymore; I was trying to eavesdrop the couple with an abusive relationship. Few moments later the guy walked out, this large Indian looking man. Then the girlfriend followed suit. Not sure if they shared the same ride though.