Saturday, January 16, 2010

My first coffee love.

A: Hey man, take a picture of me!
B: And you have to pay 2 dollars after. This is Brunetti, you know.
C: You're full of shit. Why would he want to take photos of you two?
A: Ok, ok, let's all take a picture together.

I've grown immune to Brunetti. In fact, I think most of the people I know who've been in Melbourne for over 5 years are over it.

But I also vividly recall the first time I went there and how big a deal it was for everyone. Now it's as if you're uncool if you like Brunetti and not the hip coffee spots around town. That's bullshit.

I still think their mocha is the best in town. I like how whenever you take away coffee, they will give you a free biscuit to make up for your absence of their hospitality.

I admit to feeling turned off by how impolite or up their own arses the staff can get. But sometimes I do get lucky and meet a couple of young, enthusiastic smart arses. They seem genuinely happy to be in uniform and it reminded me of a time when it was a big deal to go to Brunetti.