Thursday, February 11, 2010

The story of a slutty bitch.

This is a sad story.

My family once bought two dogs, which we named 'Ah Boy' and 'Ah Girl' according to their gender. One night my father came home drunk and accidentally ran over Ah Girl's foot. We sent her away and she was never heard from since.

Probably a year later, my sister picked up a small stray puppy from the road. We named her 'Lucky'. Ah Boy finally had a play mate. They were happy for a long time. Ah Boy was in love.

One day, Lucky went missing. Ah Boy was devastated. He was clinically depressed. He didn't even feel like singing along with the mosque prayer like he always did.

A couple of weeks later, Ah Boy noticed Lucky emerging from the horizon of the grass field next to our house. He was happy. He hit the roof. But when he looked properly he saw that Lucky was followed by 5 other dogs. They were in different colours such as yellow, black, spotty and white. Ah Boy was so jealous he almost chewed through his cage.

Few months later, Lucky gave birth to half a dozen of pups. They were in different colours such as yellow, black, spotty and white. Lucky ran away with the 5 dogs and left her kids. Ah Boy loved the pups like they were his own, hoping that Lucky might return one day to him.

My family gave the pups away eventually. I remember one of my primary school mates taking the white one with the blue eyes.

Ah Boy grew old alone. He was hurt and broken. When he died we buried him under the empty land across our house, which is now occupied by a large mansion. The owner of that mansion died of cancer a few years ago.

This was a sad story.